KERATHERM® Phase Change Material (PCM)

Optimum adaptation to the smallest irregularities

Kerafol's PCM films are a combination of melt waxes with or without support material.
The wax-based material with melting properties levels even the tiniest bumps between the power module and the heat sink, improving surface contact and increasing heat transfer.

As soon as the melting temperature is reached, the material softens to fill even the smallest bumps between the power module and the heat sink.


  • IGBT
  • CPU


  • leveling the smallest bumps between power module and heat sink by melting the material
  • improves surface contact
  • increases the heat exchange
  • special design for easy handling and storage
Film thermal conductivity W/mK thermal resistance K/W measured thickness mm characteristics
PCM 115 filled hot setting wax 4.5 0.069 0.2 high thermal conductivity, self sticky, easy handling
PCM 471 filled hot setting wax 4.0 0.07 0.2 high thermal conductivity