Thermal management

The basis of all thermal management:
the Arrhenius equation – a 10 °C temperature increase halves life cycles. Despite all technological progress, the physical and chemical relationships in the Arrhenius equation remain the same. Accelerated aging in devices in relation to temperature makes efficient thermal management more essential than ever in the development process. A challenge which quite often causes headaches, but it doesn't have to be this way.

The aim is to efficiently remove any heat that the application produces by:

Select your thermally conductive material

Thermally conductive materials
  • Thermally conductive films
  • Thermally conductive adhesive films
  • Thermal compounds
  • Thermal greases
  • Thermal Adhesive
  • Axial-flow fans
  • Radial fans
  • Customized fans

Thermally conductive materials with extremely low thermal resistance
With the right thermally conductive materials for your application, you will achieve targeted heat dissipation as heat is transferred from the hotspot to the heat sink. Your application's life cycle and performance will improve significantly as temperatures decrease.

Highly developed axial-flow and radial fans (blowers)
Another specific, efficient measure to combat heat is to actively remove it using highly developed axial-flow and radial fans. The same applies to electronics: your application's life cycle and performance will improve significantly if temperatures are reduced.

Thermal management will no longer cause you headaches and present a challenge; it will help you achieve high-end performance from your application instead.