Polymer capacitors

Low ESR electrolytic capacitors with solid plastic electrolyte

Thanks to the polymer content in the electrolyte, the polymer capacitor features a low internal resistance (ESR). This means it is particularly suitable for applications with steep current fluctuations, such as those in switched-mode power supplies. They are significantly more temperature-stable thanks to the low proportion of electrolyte and can thus be positioned very close to switched-mode power supplies while complying with EMC requirements.

Select your connection type

SMD polymer electrolytic capacitors
  • 2 V to 25 V
  • Up to 20,000h at 105 °C
Radial polymer electrolytic capacitors
  • 2 V to 35 V
  • Up to 20,000h at 105 °C

High capacity values, longer life expectancy

Just like aluminum electrolytic capacitors, polymer capacitors achieve capacity levels which are far above those achieved by other capacitor types.

If you compare polymer capacitors with fluid electrolytic capacitors, they have a longer life cycle. The capacitor's ESR value is also far smaller and less dependent on temperature. The dissipation loss within the capacitor is thus lower, as in similar electrolytic capacitors.