SMD plastic film capacitors

Capacitors for compact surface mount

SMD film capacitors are manufactured for surface mount on PCBs. They are soldered onto the PCB and should therefore be more heat-resistant. This is why PEN films are mostly used. They are less heat-sensitive and can thus be more safely processed during the soldering process.

SMD series

Series Features Applications Case type Terminal type Rated voltage range Operating temperature range

● Metallized polyester film, non-inductive wound construction, Plastic case (UL94 V-0)
● Stability versus temperature, frequency, voltage, time and humidity
● Reliable quality due to self-healing effect
● No piezoelectric effect, non-polar construction, non-linearity distortion
● Reflow-soldering, low cost

● As intermediate circuit capacitors for SMPS, electronic ballast, Inverter   SMD 450 V -40°C ~ 105°C

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