Chokes – coils

The range of coils is as varied as their many possible uses. They are optimized according to their intended use to induce outputs or currents in the ampere range or are closely integrated to filter high-frequency signals. They can be divided into coils for high-frequency applications, coils for data lines and coils for power supply lines.

High frequency
  • Induction values between 0.2 nH and 33,000 nH
  • Currents between 50 mA and 5.9 A
Data line
  • Induction values between 4.9 nH and 470 nH
  • Currents between 1m A and 2.6 A
Power lines
  • Induction values between 0.05 uH and 10 mH
  • Currents between 50 mA and 14 A