Thermal greases

Keratherm thermal grease

Optimum fit in small gaps

KERATHERM® Thermal Greases are ceramic-filled, single-component silicones with optimum thermal conductivity. The non-cross-linking thermally conductive greases do not dry out. Moreover, no silicone components are emitted from the grease.

The silicone-free thermally conductive grease KP 12 consists of synthetic polymers and is suitable for fast, effective heat dissipation. The paste is especially suitable for silicone-sensitive applications.

Stable for the long term, the thermally conductive greases guarantee a full effect throughout the product's entire life cycle. Under normal application conditions, the greases do not harden, melt or dry out. They do not require special storage conditions and can thus be stored for up to 12 months under normal climate conditions. Should the individual filler components separate, the greases must be thoroughly mixed before use.


Notebooks, desktop CPUs and IGBT units.

Overview of greases
Film   thermal conductivity W/mK thermal resistance K/W dielectric breakdown kV/mm measured thickness mm characteristics
KP 12 silicone free thermal compound 10.0 0.006 / 0.025 silicone free
KP 99  ceramic filled silicone component 9.2 0.0068 / 0.025 thixotropic
KP 98 ceramic filled silicone component 6.0 0.01 / 0.025 silicone based, low thermal resistance
KP 97 ceramic filled silicone component 5.0 0.012 / 0.025 silicone based