Thermally conductive adhesive films


Double-sided adhesive film with long-lasting adhesion

KERATHERM® Adhesive Films are double-sided, thermally conductive, electrically isolating adhesive films.

Ceramic filled double-sided adhesive film – with or without fiber glass fabric KL 90 and KL 91 – are double-sided adhesive films. They have excellent, permanent adhesive strength with very high thermal conductivity and outstanding insulation properties. Low heat transfer resistance can be achieved by very reliable adhesive strength on different surfaces. There is no need for mechanical fastening with clips, screws or rivets. Tolerances can be compensated very effectively thanks to the soft surface finish. Other advantages include light weight, easy handling and high elasticity.


  • Low weight
  • Ease of operation
  • Highly elastic


  • CPUs, LEDs
  • Flip chips, DSPs
  • BGAs, PPGAs
  • MOSFETs on heat sinks


  • Power supplies and inverters
  • Computers
  • Telecommunications electronics
  • Automotive electronics
Overview of Kerafol adhesive films
Film   thermal conductivity W/mK thermal resitance K/W dielectric breakdown kV/mm measured thickness mm hardness Shore A characteristics
KL 90 thermal conductive, adhesive film without fibreglass 1.40 0.52 20.0 0.300 45 thermoconducting and isolating, adhesive film
KL 91 thermal conductive, adhesive film with fibreglass 1.35 0.55 20.0 0.300 59 thermoconducting and isolating, adhesive film
KL 95 thermal conductive, adhesive film with fibreglass 1.3 0.32 10.0 0.18 60 thermal conductivity