The compound for optimal, thermal connection

Optimized thermal management for electromobility and power electronics

KERATHERM Gap Filler "liquids" are excellently suited for the casting of large series products.
The compound allows the production of permanently elastic, thermal connection both in small, as well as in large gaps and can be used as an alternative to conventional thermal pads.

GFL 3020, GFL 3025 & GFL 3030 - Silicone elastomers are ceramic-filled two-component silicone elastomers without solvents. Their combination of long-term stability, good insulation resistance, high thermal conductivity and minimal mechanical component load is unique.


  • curing at room temperature
  • shorter production time due to liquid assembly (wet in wet processing)
  • huge cost savings through the use of the GFL compared to a softtherm film
  • can be fully automatically processed by dispenser in production


    • all applications where high manufacturing tolerances have to be compensated
    • complete casting
    • has proven in use in electric vehicles for years
    • rechargeable batteries with high energy (cooling during the discharge / charge process)
    • beneficial for automotive applications because, fully automated, large quantities can be processed
      Overview of Kerafol thermal compounds
      Film thermal conductivity W/mK viscosity Pas dielectric breakdown kV/mm density g/cm³ hardness Shore 00 characteristics
      GFL 3020 1.8 45 - 70 20 2.3 45 - 60 Gap filler liquid
      GFL 3030 3.0 60 - 90 12 2.94 50 - 70 Gap filler liquid
      GFL 3025 2.5 30 - 60 16 2.83 45 - 65 Gap filler liquid