Customized fans and blowers

Fans, designed to meet customers special demands


For customers with special requirements, it is possible to develop fans or blowers adapted to face all mechanical, electrical and physical challenges.

For customers with critical applications it is possible to add a FPS (Fan performance sensor) to the fan. The performance sensor provides a signal which is changing the signal level in case that a defined RPM could not be reached. With this, a redundant system can be build up easily.


  • different protection level possible 
  • Shock and Vibration proof
  • High quality bearings



  • Consumer electronics
  • Industry
  • LED lightning
  • Renewable energy
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At Comair, customer related developments are done in development and production teams to meet all requirements in a short time. First samples could be provided within days by using 3D printing technics.


Customers demands

  • working temperature
  • Environmental influences
  • Input voltage
  • RPM Regulation with external resistance, voltage or temperature
  • Regulated, internal voltage supply to stabilize RPM
  • Energy saving

Advantages of customized fans

  • Fans can meet special requirements according to size and dimensions
  • The bearing can be chosen to meet requirements according to shock, vibration, noise and life expectancy
  • Cost reduction
  • Input voltage could be between 4Vdc~72Vdc or 115Vac~230Vac
  • Temperature range between -10°C up to 70°C