You cannot see electric currents. You cannot see if the current is flowing or where and how much current is flowing. You cannot see which components are live and how high the current is. In most cases, this is OK, but it also presents a problem in some cases. Assembly groups must be safeguarded against faults for safety reasons. One way is using replaceable safety fuses. If a current flow occurs which is significantly greater than normal, the fuse melts, disconnecting the assembly group from the power supply. This minimizes damage caused by contact or overheating in the assembly group. A safety fuse remains highly resistive after a fault and must be replaced. The customer can replace the fault if a fuse holder is used.

If someone needs information about an assembly group without using a measuring device, the easiest way is visual. A simple red LED can immediately indicate that action needs to be taken. A green one can show that the assembly group is working properly. Different colors or flash sequences can also provide detailed information. Since lists are the only way to decipher such flash codes quickly, LED matrix displays can be used as an alternative. They can quickly indicate the current charge level, for example. 

Lights can also be used to provide lighting instead of information. Ligitek's 3 W LED offers a good lumens/performance ratio.

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