NEW: Surge Resistant MELF

Higher integration level with new SR MELF resistors.

Firstohm’s new SRM (Surge resistant MELF resistors) series are optimized to withstand high surge currents.
The SRM101T resistors with the dimensions of 6mm x 2mm and 1W constant power can handle up to 2000W / 1ms without getting damaged.

With this abilities SRM’s are highly optimized to be used in input filter and protection applications. They are able to replace much bigger THT resistors and can help by reducing the costs.

SRM Resistor passed VDE0860 safety test equivalent to EN60065 under license number 40043961

Usage example:

- SRM-Resistor-for-Surge-Protective-Device
- SRM-Surge-Resistant-MELF-Resistor