TECHSEM - Tech Semiconductors, China

Power semiconductors produced by the market leader

Having more than 50 years of experience, Techsem is one of the longest-standing and most renowned producers in the Chinese semiconductor industry. The Xiangyang-based producer has been the unchallenged number one for many years. More than 600 employees, 130 of whom are qualified engineers, guarantee that the company is highly specialized, and it is market leader for three of the most important product groups in the power semiconductor market. 

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Traceability and short delivery times

At the production site, the chips are equipped with an ID which allows cast-iron traceability. The company´s own chip production is the basic reason for exceptionally short delivery times. 

International Standard Housing Design

The company develops and produces its products in accordance with the International Standard Housing Design, which ensures the compatibility with other producers. Techsem products are tested under stringent IEC Standard conditions and certified by ISO, OHSAS, RoHS and UL.