AXIS Corporation - Customer-specific Transformers

Coils and transformers for international brand manufacturers

AXIS Corporation, which was founded in Taiwan in 1986, is today one of the country´s most important manufacturer of electronics. The Tao-Yuan based specialist for transformers and coils became known for the first time when filing a patent application for a stair lift. In 1991, the company started developing transformers – and has been very successful ever since.

The company´s cutting-edge production site in the Chinese city of Qing-Xi produces AXIS transformers, coils, switch-mode power supplies and chokes. The AXIS production is outstanding, particularly because the company lays great store by careful testing processes, a fact that is reflected in the high quality of the products.

Product types

  • SMD transformers and coils
  • Ferrite transformers
  • Toroidal coils
  • Common mode chokes
alfatec-Distributor for Electronic components from AXIS
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