Environmental guidelines

For many years, alfatec has been focusing on sustainable solutions which balance economic aims and ecological aspects at all times. All processes and investments are carried out in a sustained way, aiming at preserving our resources and economizing in the use of raw materials.

  • We are committed to our entrepreneurial responsibility towards the environment in general and the people in particular. It is our declared objective to reduce and/or avoid any negative impact on the environment. Therefore, the protection of the environment is an integral part of our corporate philosophy.
  • Measures to reduce any impact on the environment with regard to our products and processes are implemented within the scope of our economic possibilities, and we always exceed legal requirements. It goes without saying that the requirements and interests of our customers, suppliers and society in general are always taken into consideration.
  • When developing our products, we take their entire life cycle into account, which covers the production process and the usage as well as the recycling and/ or disposal of these products. Our focus here is on the increased use of environmentally friendly materials and substances. We also attach importance to continually improving the recyclability as well as the weight reduction of our products.
  • Our processes undergo continual optimization. This is achieved, for example, by using new technologies, avoiding waste, reducing water and energy consumption and avoiding unnecessary movements of goods and/or transportation.
  • We systematically instruct and train our employees to make them aware of the necessity to pro-actively work towards meeting our environmental standards and supporting our environmental protection measures.

We seek an open and constructive dialogue both with our customers and with society in general in all ecologically relevant questions. Therefore we cooperate closely with authorities, organizations and other relevant institutions.

Photovoltaic system

  • Capacity of the photovoltaic system: 89,100 kWp
  • Annual production: approx. 80,992 kWh (909 kWh/kWp)
  • Avoidance of CO2 emissions: approx. 56.7 tons per year