Company – Certified Quality

Quality Management

It is the declared objective of alfatec GmbH & Co. KG to guarantee its economic success on a long-term basis. In order to achieve this aim, we make sure that we always give the highest priority to meeting our customers´ most stringent demands and high expectations by using the latest technologies as well as state-of-the-art process supporting EDP systems.

Our integrated management system has been certified in accordance with the DIN EN IS 9001norm for many years. We are no strangers to EDI, Kanban or Just-in-time. These methods are integral parts of our service portfolio and are used on a daily basis.

Due to our certified quality management, our customers can rely on the high quality of both our products and services, which are sure to meet the demands of the global market in terms of efficiency, quality and cost effectiveness, both now and in the future. The pursuit of continuous improvement processes is an integral part of our system which aims at increasing our competitiveness as well as the satisfaction of our customers.

Principles of our quality policy

The customer

  • determines the scale and requirements of his product as well as the individual quality of his order, always in coordination with alfatec
  • calls for a common aim the pursuit of which requires the involvement of all fields, departments, employees and managers
  • has both the desire and the expectation to be satisfied when purchasing our products
  • ensures corporate success which is achieved through the combined efforts of all parties involved
  • sees the quality of our products and services as a result of reproducible, transparent, cutting-edge processes
  • expects us to make continuing efforts in order to reduce or avoid any unnecessary actions, thus safeguarding optimization as well as continuous cost reduction
  • demands efficient solutions and processes at all times to safeguard continuous delivery and supply.

Our corporate policy is entirely customer-oriented - at all times:

  • We always tailor our organization to our customers´ needs
  • Our managers represent our company in an exemplary manner, both on a professional and personal basis.
  • We enhance the motivation of our employees by providing further trainings. Apart from that, we entrust our staff with responsibilities and give them the chance to work independently.
  • We define both our processes and our interfaces. Besides, we analyze them permanently and critically within the framework of a consistent supply chain to see if improvements or optimizations can be made
  • We endeavor to provide permanent and ongoing improvements of our processes.
  • We are committed to treat our employees, customers and suppliers fairly, openly and honestly.
  • We strive to establish strategic, long-term partnerships with both our customers and our suppliers.