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alfatec – product specialist for electronics designers

For over 40 years, alfatec GmbH & Co. KG has been firmly anchored in the world of electronic components. Designers of electronic systems can benefit from the efficient organization of our services as well as the substantial expertise of our employees. It is our aim to find electronic components with an ever higher efficiency and reliability, and we can offer an exclusive selection of products by first-class manufacturers.

Field Application Engineering

  • High level of consulting competence regarding design  and technical configuration of electronic components
  • Customer-specific solutions to improve the performance gain of individual applications:
  • Energy storage & energy efficiency, miniaturization, drive technology, high performance electronic components



  • Logistics concept on a global scale
  • Kanban logistics systems
    EDI connection
  • 8,350 square meters of storage space
  • Additional safety stock
  • Availability of samples
  • High delivery reliability through
    quick reaction time
  • Traceability through 100 % incoming and outgoing inspections



40 years of alfatec expert knowledge

  • Quality management in accordance with ISO 9001:2015
  • Currently ~200 employees worldwide
  • Automotive, industry, aerospace, renewable energies, medical, telecommunications, security
  • Capacitors, power electronics, thermal management, inductances, passive/active components
  • Energy storage systems, semi-
    conductors, electromech. comp.

Quality management

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